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Qlustar: Install and enjoy!

Image Modules

Qlustar Operating System Images are modular. You can select the components an image should have, then generate and finally assign it to a compute or storage node for booting. Currently Qlustar provides the following modules:

  • Core module: Basic operating system components any node needs
  • OFED module: Infiniband software stack
  • Lustre module: Lustre parallel filesystem support (client and server)
  • Slurm module: Support for the slurm batch queuing system
  • Torque module: Support for the torque batch queuing system
  • Gridengine module: Support for the Open Grid Scheduler batch queuing system
  • Nvidia module: Support for GPU computing on Nvidia hardware
  • HA module: High-availability stack based on corosync/pacemaker
  • KVM module: Support for virtualization using KVM

All image modules are provided as Debian packages to be installed on the head-node(s) of an HPC cluster.

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