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The Qlustar Cluster OS

Qlustar Node OS

The Qlustar Cluster OS is the basis of all other Qlustar components. It provides a single point of control to setup and manage an arbitrary number of servers and provides the foundation of the specific cluster workload you require.

Qlustar is designed to handle small, medium and even the largest clusters with minimum effort but maximum control and efficiency. It shows, that more than 1 1/2 decades of experience in the creation, management and operation of powerful Linux clusters has contributed to its underlying technology.

Lightweight Node OS

Qlustar's core is an image-based, lightweight and modular node OS. The image modules it is composed of, are installable on the head-node(s) as standard OS packages, pre-generated using our 3rd-generation image module generator and distributed from the Qlustar package repository. This generator is designed such that the OS images created from the available modules contain the exact minimum of programs/files needed for the desired functionality of a compute, storage or cloud node.

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Qlustar Node OS
Qlustar Image Modules

Qlustar Image Modules

Qlustar OS images are modular, composed of a core module needed by any cluster node and optional modules selectable to provide additional functionality (e.g. to integrate into a particular batch queuing system or to activate support for Infiniband, parallel filesystems, High-Availability or GPU computing, etc.). New image modules are added, when necessary to widen Qlustar's use-case spectrum into new clustering fields and technologies.

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QluMan: Qlustar Management

  • Setting up clusters as easy and consistent as possible.
  • Managing and operating them with ease, speed and control.
  • Keeping track of hard- and software failures.

Three important issues Qlustar's management and monitoring framework QluMan is taking care of. QluMan is the brain of any Qlustar cluster. It transforms the underlying complexity of a cluster installation into the simplicity of interacting with an intuitive GUI. With QluMan you're taking control in the exiting game of cluster management.

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Other Qlustar Highlights

More Qlustar Cluster OS Highlights

No more node provisioning

When using Qlustar, node provisioning belongs to the past. Just assign an OS image to a node, (re)boot and it's ready for use. Initial installation of a cluster, setting up a subset of nodes for tests with a new OS version, moving from CentOS to Ubuntu or vice-versa, all of this is possible in no time.

Flexible and configurable

No cluster is like another one. Qlustar allows you to customize most aspects of your installation and tries to make sure that you can achieve your design goals. If you feel a configuration option is missing, let us know, and we'll try hard to implement it in a future release. We listen to our users.

Fast and painless Updates

Security updates or other smaller fixes in an OS Image can easily be applied on-the-fly to a running cluster node. No reboots are required unless the kernel is involved. With this mechanism, important updates are available to the whole cluster in minutes without affecting users or running jobs. Check out the chapter about updates in the Qlustar Administration Manual for details.

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