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  • The OS for HPC/Storage Clusters

    • Full-fledged Cluster OS based on Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Setup and manage Clusters with unparalleled Ease and Control
    • QluMan = Powerful Cluster Management Get the details…
    Introduction &
  • Qlustar Highlights

    • Designed for Scalability/Performance/Stability
    • OpenHPC integration based on CentOS
    • Minimal Cluster Node OS
    • Simple to use Management GUI
    • QlusZio = Lustre/BeeGFS/HA Storage on ZFS
    • Controlled on-the-fly Node Updates
  • More Qlustar Features

    • Powerful Slurm Management GUI
    • Tons of Up-To-Date cluster-related Packages
    • Reliable Full Updates of OS supported
    • Unique Graphical Parallel Shell
    • Well-managed Security Updates
    • Support you can rely on
    More Qlustar
  • Go for a test-drive

    Qlustar is 100% open-source and free.
    Setting it up is easy.
    Download and check it out!

    and test it!

Beta1 shaping up

Qlustar Beta1 will be released at SC 2012 in Salt Lake city. We'll have USB drives ready at our booth #4461 and of course the installer image will also be available for download. This weeks highlights/milestones include: Qlustar...

Qlustar feature freeze active

The feature freeze for our 8.0.0. (first public) release is active since last Friday. The main issues we'll work on in the coming 6 weeks until beta 1 are:

Lustre 2.1 server + Lustre 2.3 client packages. Packaging/testing most recent versions of...

First cluster with Qlustar Precise up and running

Beginning of August, the first HPC cluster running the Ubuntu/Precise based Qlustar stack, that will be publicly released in December, has gone into production. The system is installed at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research and features 28 (mostly fat)...

Qlustar at SC 2012

Q-Leap Networks , will present the first beta version of Qlustar at the SC 2012 in Salt Lake City. It will pay off to visit our booth #4461 (find it on the interactive ...

Qlustar: A next-generation HPC Cluster OS

Qlustar is a new contender among public HPC cluster operating systems (OS). Its core is a lightweight modular Compute-Node kernel that is generated using a 3rd-generation image generator. The latter is designed such that OS images contain the exact minimum of programs/files needed for the desired functionality.


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